Thank you to all of our sponsors!! 

Grand Champion Sponsors

Grand Champion Bull: Wayne and Joanna Manning of M7 Longhorns
Grand Champion Heifer: Greg Kott of Laidback Ranch
Grand Champion Junior Heifer: Kody, Cady, Denny, and Kris LaPoint of LaPoint Longhorn Ranch

Class Sponsors
Class 1: Auggie's mom and dad of 4Oaks Farms
Class 2: Josh, Megan Shaw, and Harv Brandt of HNB Longhorns
Class 3:  JD and Elizabeth White of J-L Longhorns
Class 4:  Jim and Rebekah Lehrbass of JL Longhorns
Class 5:  Bill and Elizabeth Hudson of Hudson Longhorns
Class 6:  Johnny and Missy Hicks of Hicks Texas Longhorns
Class 7:  Cheryl Bryant of Elah Valley Longhorns
Class 8:  Dean and Sandra Whitlock of Whitlock Texas Longhorns
Class 9:  Scott, Kelli and Hannah Farber of Cross Fire Longhorns
Class10:  Kimberly Bay of Twisted K Longhorns
Class 11: Jeremy and Samantha Kronz of Barberry Longhorns
Class 12:  Gail Beach of Meadow Green Farms
Class 13: Blake and Chrissy Kneir of Kneir Longhorns

Corporate Sponsors
Hoosier Longhorns
Great Lakes Texas Longhorn Association

Judge Sponsors
Pine Brothers Longhorns
Guy and Charlotte Cote of Double C Ranch
Roger and Suzan Cole of Sho Me Longhorns
Levi and Amy Mast