Welcome to Hicks Texas Longhorns

Home of WS Hydro, 2017 HSC Ultimate Bull



Hicks Texas Longhorns is owned and operated by Johnny and Missy Hicks.  We are located in Dowling, MI.  We bought our first longhorns in 2006 and we've been hooked ever since.  We are striving not only to have excellent horn growth, but to also have a complete animal with flashy color, a solid pedigree and a nice, well fleshed body. Please check out our cows and feel free to contact us with any questions!
Just a little about us...

Johnny and I have been married since 2003.  We have 5 children and a couple bulldogs...John is our oldest, followed closely by Amos.  John has graduated and is currently serving our country in the Air Force. 
Amos just loves animals, and works well with them.  Frank is our third born, and likes the cows, but really enjoys cutting wood and other aspects of farming.   Fourth and our only daughter is Josie, my crazy red haired cat lady in training.  Then Henry is the baby and loves anything to do with farming.  He LOVES hay season and making hay bales!  The kids are all involved in the day to day farm chores so our quiet cows are a must. All the kids will help with vaccinations, de-worming and working the cows.  Josie and Henry are my chore tag alongs and like to "play" with the babies, haha, that might be my favorite, too!   Please follow us on Face Book, just click this link and it will take you right to our page!!
Here you can keep up on all the cows and the kids!  We like to share bits of our day to day longhorn happenings on there, plus I love taking pictures!
Thanks for looking and have a great day! 
Johnny and Missy Hicks